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The Gore Innovation Labs is a group of forward thinkers who bring customers together with experts from across Gore to create something unique: a new way to collaborate that accelerates their own development efforts. We’re enablers, connecting our collaborators in industry and academia to Gore knowledge, expertise and technology… opening the door to co-creation of solutions that accelerate innovation and bring new products to market faster. What we do is just part of the larger Gore innovation story — another way in which Gore, together with our customers, is working to improve lives.

Accelerating innovation in this new way benefits everyone:

  • Our customers get early access to new technologies that may provide a competitive edge.
  • We get a clearer view of market needs and opportunities, so we can focus our efforts better.
  • And most importantly, people get new products that improve their lives, faster.

The Innovation Labs approach comes from the innovative mindset that is a central part of the Gore identity. Rising to new challenges and addressing unmet needs inspires us and drives us. Anywhere we can work together to make a difference is where we want to be.

If you’ve got a challenge that we can help you with, we’d like to hear from you.

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