Accelerating innovation means listening to the market and seeking out viable opportunities wherever they are. That’s what makes us different. You’ll find the Gore Innovation Labs team actively exploring any area where Gore materials and expertise can give our customers an advantage.

Life Sciences

Gore has long been a leader in advanced medical devices. Through the Innovation Labs, we’re expanding our explorations in areas such as pharmaceutical research and bioelectronics, finding new ways to use our proven biocompatible materials.

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Food Production

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Materials science can play a crucial role in feeding the planet by making food production more sustainable. Gore Innovation Labs explorations span agriculture, aquaculture and protein production to find ways to increase yields, reduce waste and address critical challenges facing farmers.


Gore fluoropolymer materials have the potential to help address vision loss worldwide. Leveraging these unique materials, we are developing investigational surgical alternatives to high-risk donor corneal transplants and for the treatment of glaucoma, and exploring future solutions to other challenging eye problems.

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