Gore is collaborating with Efferent Labs to explore implantables for research and long-term chronic disease management.

Collaborating on groundbreaking technology

Gore’s advanced technology is helping to enhance the Efferent Labs CytoComm® Platform for informatics. Our collaboration aims to: 

  1. Extend the viability of its specialized cells
  2. Optimize biocompatible materials to improve the functionality of the CytoComm® Platform
  3. Create groundbreaking access to real-time cellular interactions at the molecular level
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Collaborating on groundbreaking technology

Project overview


The Efferent Labs Cytocomm® Platform combines living cells with miniaturized electronics and wireless connectivity in an implantable biosensor designed to gather real-time data at the cellular level.

  • The Cytocomm® Platform leverages engineered cells to determine the activity of selected molecular pathways
  • Proteins are captured by these engineered cells and produce a detectable fluorescence. The cells are the "brain" of the system and are the first to respond to molecular events.
  • Sensor converts the raw data and wirelessly sends it to the cloud for storage and analysis
  • Real-time molecular data is displayed on a dashboard so researchers can monitor cellular reactions as they occur

Enabling a radical shift in drug development

By gathering accurate real-time data in vivo, researchers can gain unparalleled insight into cellular processes and the response of living systems to specific stimuli.

  • Larger, higher quality data sets enable faster iteration
  • Elimination of bias and data gathering error improves accuracy
  • Validation of in vivo findings to quicker "go/no-go" decisions resulting in reduced drug development time and cost

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