Delivering the needed performance and physical and electrical capabilities in a thinner wire enables the design and manufacture of more compact bioelectronic sensors and devices.

Project overview

GORE INNOVATION LABS Fine Wire was developed to address an unmet need for ultrafine wires with superior performance and durability characteristics.

  • Conductors available in MP35N or 80/20 platinum- iridium alloy
  • High strength, abrasion and cut-through resistance
  • Every spool hi-pot tested and certified to >400V
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High Strength Toughened Fluoropolymer Insulated fine wire cross-sectional view

Enabling smaller devices

Proprietary PTFE film coating

Eliminating the trade-offs between required performance and desired physical characteristics increases engineering flexibility, allowing the design of more compact devices.

  • Proprietary PTFE film coating adds strength, enabling use of thinner conductors
  • Superior chemical resistance and proven biocompatibility
  • Thin insulation with high dielectric breakdown

Simplifying ultra-small device manufacturing

Reducing the need for delicate handling leads to increased manufacturing feasibility, while defect-free consistency over long runs reduces waste.

  • Available in pinhole-free spools of hundreds of feet
  • High dynamic cut-through strength and abrasion resistance
  • Superior creep and fatigue resistance

Ultra-small manufacturing example

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